Terms and condition

Terms and condition

* ‘Company’ and ‘Instructor’ shall hereinafter be referred to as "Parties” and individually as a "Party" 


The Instructor has agreed to sell his/her training which is mutually agreed upon and decided by the Parties. If any third-party files a withdrawal notice on the instructor's course due to copyright violations, we will suspend his/her (instructor 's) course unless the instructor proves that the content is his/her original creation. The instructor is responsible for maintaining his/her content and its quality. The company reserves the right to approve, delete courses that are created by instructors.



Instructors shall devote such time, energy, skill, and experience to the performance of Instructor duties as are required to develop and upload a professional quality, accurate, and timely program along with responding promptly to the students who might have questions/queries regarding the training programs.

The Instructor will either upload himself/herself or provide the Company with the program package consisting of videos, Word/PDF documents, Quizzes, etc. required for the program.



All transaction details pertaining to the sales of the courses will be provided to the Author through the platform under the “Author Dashboard”. At Techbricksedu.com we keep transparency at high priority and make sure authors receive payments in a simple, quick, and safe payment method. Techbricksedu.com currently supports PayPal payments, and the Author has to have a PayPal Account to receive timely payments upon withdrawal.



Techbricksedu.com will credit the Instructor royalties based on the commission rates specified in section 3), on sales as reported per section 4) within 30 days from when the sale is processed, to the Instructor’s account which can be withdrawn by the Instructor through the designated payment mode.



The company will use the instructor’s logo for marketing purposes. The Instructor can use the Company's logo for their marketing purposes.

The company will offer discounts to courses as part of the marketing efforts and reserves the right to set the discount.

The company will not sell the instructor’s course(s) for free on its platform unless authorized by the instructor or posted free by the instructor. However, companies can make up to 5 videos available for preview and these preview videos are free.



The company will provide free access to instructor’s courses to the staff of the company for quality control, review, etc.



The instructor owns the copyright of all the content that is provided to the company for publishing.

The company will obtain course contents from the Instructor through Google Drive or Dropbox or any other mode the Instructor is comfortable with if the Instructor does not wish to upload the courses himself/herself.

Instructor grants non-exclusive, non-transferable right and license to the Company, subject to royalty obligations set forth in Section 3), to market and sell the courses provided by the instructor.

Instructors reserve the right to upload/sell his/her courses through any other company/platform without any restrictions.



The instructor reserves the right to disable any or all courses that he/she has previously licensed to the Company, at any point. Once informed of such a decision, the Company will have 30 days to disable course(s) at the backend and cease publication. However, existing subscribers will still have access to the content in order to uphold the lifetime access guarantee provided to the enrolled students.

Note: Disabled course(s) will no longer be available for purchase unless reauthorized by the Instructor.



All notices, requests, demands, and other communications shall be in writing and shall be either: 

(a) Delivered in person or by courier; 

(b) mailed-by first-class registered or certified mail; or 

(c) Delivered by facsimile transmission or by electronic mail.



This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of India.