About us

About us

Techbricksedu.com is an LMS Portal from the leading IT Professionals. This portal has begun to offer the most proven and advanced courses to aspiring students who are willing to start and grow within their career in the IT Industry.

Courses available on our portal meets the industry demands to become a master in that relevant subject and to stand as an industry professional. Most of the courses we designed to help the IT Professionals to understand the leading-edge technologies to make sure they're always ahead with market demands.

Our trainers are software and IT veterans with years of industry experience and they are selected with many checks. Each of our trainers delivers the course with Techbricks Vision i.e, to deliver maximum knowledge to each of our students. Our talent, experience is an asset at TechbricksEdu which we help and nurture this talent pool to supply the highest quality training.

All our courses and programs are planned for students' splendid future, assuring that every student masters the course, adequately prepared to be put inside the most straightforward industry. This has developed prolonged periods of trust and certainty among the local area for techbricksedu.com.


To offer excellent quality training courses with the latest and most advanced IT areas, assisting students with their career planning also with the most economical price, ensuring uncompromised quality.



To be a pioneer in the learning world aiming and fulfilling the needs of the present and future industry demand for expertise. Constant focus on upcoming technologies and build courses.

How students and professionals benefit from us :

  • Courses offered are most advanced and designed by real-time experts
  • Constant Updates are added periodically 
  • Advanced LMS Application to learn anywhere either on mobile or laptop